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  • Campania


    A reaping collection in rustic style made from massive wood

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  • Sherwood


    Collection with a plain design with lacquer finishing, but very pleasant is available in 4 variances of solid wooden essences: beech, oak, cherry and walnut.

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  • Maxx


    Colectie cu un design modern nascuta din alaturarea a doua esente de lemn: stejar si nuc sau cires si nuc.

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  • Arc


    A collection which creates a contemporary environment through the straight lines combined with the rounding legs

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  • Pics


    A collection with a very modern aspect through the finishing and combination of the massive wood and stainless steel (figured by legs and wooden insertions)

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  • Prism


    A spectacular collection through design characterized by the elegance and distinction of the details. The originality and the style can be found in the combination of wood and glass, but the actual element of this collection is the red heart beech used as

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  • Test Glass

    Test Glass

    A collection which overcomes your expectations and exceed the technology and arts limits. The furniture from this collection is made from the most innovative combination between wood and glass.

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  • Block Modern
  • Block Rustic
  • Kirkdale
  • Tayker
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